How To Choose The Best Collagen Supplement

With the increased popularity of collagen the market has been flooded with new collagen products. It can be difficult to choose, so here are some criteria use when purchasing a collagen supplement:

  1. Hydrolyzed Collagen absorbs better than gelatin or plain old collagen.  The most important thing about a collagen supplement is that it gets absorbed in your tissue–making your skin, joints, muscles and bones stronger.  Studies have demonstrated the difference in absorption between collagen and hydrolyzed collagen. Within 6 hours of ingestion, 90% of hydrolyzed collagen is found in the blood and in tissues all over the body while only 27% of collagen is absorbed. The very low molecular weight of hydrolyzed collagen in comparison to gelatin is what makes it more absorbable by the body.
  2. If the price is cheap, it is a cheap product. Putting together a quality hydrolyzed collagen supplement is expensive. Usually if it is high quality it will dissolve well and the taste can be improved with a little natural sweetener. Adding chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and other bad tasting but essential nutrients doesn’t improve the taste but makes it a super effective combination in supporting a healthy, beautiful and youthful skin. If one was to buy all these ingredients separately at the recommended doses they would spent between $125 and $150 monthly, so Collagen Complete is a good bargain considering the quality and quantity of ingredients it contains.
  3. Capsules or powder? The amount of daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen demonstrated to be effective is 10,000 mg, this means 20 capsules a day if you have 500 MG capsules. If you add other important nutrients you could be taking up to 30 capsules a day. The powder alternative of one scoop for 14,000 mg of essential skin and joint nutrients that we offer with Collagen Complete is much more convenient. So if you see a supplement in capsules suggesting only a few capsules a day, don’t buy it.
  4. A complete collagen is recommended. A supplement that has been drained to offer only type II collagen, or a combination of only types I and III is an incomplete food. A complete hydrolyzed collagen has 27 different types of collagen. These will act in synergy and will go to different tissues to support them. Of course you want beautiful skin, hair and nails but your body also needs collagen in tendons, cartilage, bones, muscles…and if your skin has already showed signs of aging your organs are also aging.
  5. When you combine hydrolyzed collagen with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, vitamin C, trace minerals and enzymes, as we have done with Collagen Complete, you create the best combination possible for healthy skin and joints.  Buying hydrolyzed collagen by itself will give you benefits.  But boosting your benefits with molecules that have proven to bring nutrients to the skin cells will be very valuable. Your skin cells will retain water, the skin will become more elastic and the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles and drooping will all improve.

About the Author

Dr. France Carpentier has over forty years of experience as a healthcare professional. She started as a Registered Nurse in Quebec, Canada, which was followed by over thirty years as a Chiropractor in Florida. She has always had a focus on nutrition using a holistic approach to health and wellness.