New! Unflavored Collagen Complete - Collagen Complete

New! Unflavored Collagen Complete

collagen-completeWe’re very pleased to announce the release of our unflavored Collagen Complete formula.  For many months, we’ve been experimenting with this and we even had a few small batches to sell to some customers.  Now, it’s officially available on both our website,, and for our Canadian friends.

By the end of the year, it should be available in Europe as well.

The reason for releasing an unflavored version is that enough people asked for it.  Many people like to mix their collagen with other liquids such as juices, shakes or even coffee!  We tried mixing our Citrus Flavored Collagen Complete with our coffee.  It was terrible.

Well, now you can enjoy all the benefits of Collagen Complete while mixing it with anything you like.

If you think you’d prefer an unsweetened & unflavored Collagen Complete, you can find it here:

Our site

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