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About Us

Dr Rick and Dr France in Tierra Verde, FLHi, I’m Dr France Carpentier. For over thirty years, my husband Dr Rick Argall and I practiced together as chiropractors and helped thousands of patients with their health.  We developed Collagen Complete to solve our own aging-related problems as we started to approach our sixties.

In 2009, my husband tore the meniscus in his right knee and was unable to exercise or play with our grandson. The physical pain and inflammation was so unbearable that it took a toll on him emotionally as well.

Pulling from our experience of helping patients for three decades, we started to develop a formula to help his joints. It was in our search for a solution that we discovered some of the latest research into hydrolyzed collagen and how there was growing evidence it could actually be used by the body to repair joint tissue. So we added 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen to the regimen of supplements and within 24 hours my husband’s pain and inflammation had decreased by 80%. Within a week, the pain and inflammation were almost gone. Within a few months, my husband was skiing in Utah with his two sons and grandson again.

We started to share this formula with patients and friends. Others also saw amazing results, so we decided to start manufacturing it under the name “Joint Repair Formula”. After a couple years of selling this formula, we started to get feedback from customers that even though they were taking our formula for their joints, they had noticed improvements in their skin, hair, nails, and bones. The word started to spread and we had so many customers ordering the formula for other benefits besides joints that we decided to release the same formula as “Collagen Complete”.